I log into Zwift, I only see myself in the game

I have an issue with my account and need assistance.

Since yesterday, when I log into Zwift, I only see myself in the game and can’t see other players. What could be the reason for this, and how can I resolve it?
in iphone or ipad or Mac is the same.

how can i do …

Normally it’s a sign that you have lost connection to the Zwift servers.
Again that’s normally a sign that is a fault your end with your internet connection.

Do you have some additional security software running via your router that’s blocking data?

`Thanks for your reply, brother.
The problem happened yesterday at home. Today I came to the company, changed the network environment as you said, and opened Zwift, but the problem is still there. Does Zwift restrict accounts or IP addresses in China? But my friends can still use it normally.

No, Zwift doesn’t do anything like this.

Has this problem just started or has it always happened?

I have found the source of the problem. This account was created for my child, which may have triggered some protective mechanisms.
My adult account is working fine. Thank you for your helpful assistance.
I will give you a thumbs up.

Perfect. Glad it’s ok.