I did not select the Everest challenge

I did not select the Everest challenge & have more than 50,000 vertical meters.
How can I get the tron bike without doing another 50,000 verticalmeter?

Unfortunately, you don’t! The TRON bike meters do not start counting until the Everest Challenge is selected and remains selected until you earn the bike!


Look on the bright side. Now you have a goal :checkered_flag:



Get a delorean and a flux capacitor, get up to 88 mph and you should know what to do from there


Sadly you’re not the first and you won’t be the last.

Anyone from Zwift - many Zwifters seem to make errors with the challenges - could making these easier to understand be on your list of things to help newbies with onboarding?

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Making smaller icons would be ideal as well so that Italy isn’t hidden on the selection screen.

Read a great post about a slew of new Country based challenges that would be a ton of fun to do!

Heck add in ride each Zwift world for X Miles or Vert would make for fun challenges as well.