I can't copy - paste in Mac

Good morning from Spain. I am a leader in social routes of the ZESP team. My problem is that for a while now I cannot copy-paste text from my Macbookpro into the dialog box. This process makes it very easy to keep riders’ attention and report race circumstances, and now I can’t. It seems to be just an Apple problem. Is it true?
I would beg you to tell me if there is a solution to this problem.
Best regards.

Contact Zwift support and suggest this to them as a future feature.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try to do it. Best regards

Cut and paste used to work just fine until recently. An update at some point in the last few months has stopped it working on Mac OS. So this isn’t really a feature request, it is more a bug introduced via an update! It is very annoying that it’s currently not working, for as the OP has said, when leading a ride, being able to cut and paste text is a real benefit.

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Exactly. Thanks a lot. Maybe so we can get them to implement this function again.