Copy Text from Companion Text/Chat

Hey Guys,

As an event leader it would be super useful to copy and paste text whilst in an event in the companion app whilst riding. Being able to hover / long press text in the app and then being able to copy and paste back in.

Especially repetitive messages as group leaders, blob up type messages, soft pedal type messages to call back fliers.

Or a further suggestion to this would be have common
Messages that group riders uses and have them usable for group riders to send without typing.

Is this a android only issue as on iOS you can copy paste into companion

Can you copy already typed text that’s in the companion? Like a message you had previously typed earlier in the ride?

I can copy and paste into the companion no problems

no don’t think so. I would just copy from outside source again.

or i know some leaders setup keyboard shortcuts for text as well for repetitive stuff

Can’t do that on apple tv (keyboard shortcuts) and companion. Would be an easy UI/UX Fix I would have thought to enable copy n paste from within

Would this help stop autocorrect changing Blobs to Boobs? I love big blobs!

More seriously, 5 or so regular messages would be really handy to have stored.

I do type the ride instructions summary into the companion app, then copy that to the buffer so can regularly paste during the first 30 mins as late joiners join.


Do you need to repeat things you have said or things other people have said?

If the former then if you type it in another app you’ll be able to copy this into the companion app. then when you want to say it again then go back to the other app and then copy the text again and paste it into the companion app.

some kind of note taking app would work for just typing text into

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I do this but it’s cumbersome when copy n paste from within the companion should be an easy fix.

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disclaimer I do not use Apple products!

Can you not run Companion on your iPhone and use keyboard shortcuts from that?

I run android. Wouldn’t touch apple products other than the ease of Apple TV lol this will be changing in the coming weeks

Then you can definitely do that if you’re running ZCA on Android. It’s what I used to do when running rides.

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Must look into it. Would make like much easier until I get my Zwift PC