Can’t copy and paste on desktop [1.39] [PC]

I can’t tell Dad jokes because I can’t copy and paste. My group ride is at 7:30 pm EDT on May 4, 2023

Probably need to include a bit more detail what OS are you on?

I’ve only tried on iOS and companion which i know work so could be a solution if desktop does not work.

This seem like a bug, It was possible to copy and paste before on windows, but that is not possible anymore.

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Sounds like a quality control issue :wink:

@shooj Copy + paste isn’t working to me also on Win 10 with 1.39.

I also have to press UP arrow multiple times to get to Action Bar.
If there is Join Event button i have to press UP 3 times and without 2 times as it jumps to Menu first.

I was using Elbow in races more and more with PD4.


I uninstalled and re-installed the 1.34 version. Copy and paste works but I hear there may be an update today.

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Odd that uninstalling / reinstalling 1.34 cleared this up for you. 1.39 is rolling out in phases and will be available to everyone by tomorrow.

When you update to 1.39, would you loop back and let us know what happens?

Paste does not work on Windows 10 and 1.39, I tested this morning.

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Zwift updated to 1.39 and once again I can’t copy and paste. I will have to use voice to text on companion app.

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Thanks for looping back to confirm. I’ve created a ticket for this bug.

WORKAROUND for those reading along:
As Molly noted - using Zwift Companion and your smartphone’s using voice-to-text capability instead of keyboarding is a solid workaround.

Update to 1.39 resulted in copy/paste not working. This is a basic neccessity for ride leading. Voice to text works but isn’t quick or accurate enough. Pleeeeeeeease can you sort it out. :pray::pray::pray:


Leaders, Sweeps and sweep assistant’s are the backbone of group rides. We have to multitask. It’s not easy. It’s hard to pay attention to the ride when you have to correct the voice to text from something nonsensical. Otherwise, there is dead silence on the ride. Luckily, someone on my ride shared a lot of jokes.


Had to cancel my leads this week due to loss of copy/paste. Any ideas how long the fix will be? :grimacing:

You Tube. Look up - How to Copy and Paste Text on iPhone. By Techboomers. I hope this helps. I still prefer my keyboard.

We used to lead rides long before copy paste was a option.

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A lot invested in the ability to copy/paste!


Hey Jonny, that is one heck of a pimped up Man Cave!

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One more thing to add is Paste does not work when changing ride titles.


Is there any news of a fix coming for the loss of copy/paste on windows 10 ?
I am using Speech to text but it has so many errors and not formatable when running quizes.
Also tried Android copy/paste but it is on a tablet and the android double bubble copy thing is too much with everything else going on.
Please let’s have a fix. :pray::pray::pray:

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I use HotkeyP when i’m Yellow Beacon…but didn’t try this with 1.39.
I did have autohotkey and it worked…so it’s just copy-paste problem.