HUD - Course profile problem

The numeric course profile is fine. The graphical Course Profile (black trapezoid) matches the current slope fairly well, but there are places where an upcoming profile change is not well reflected, or seemingly (to me) not reflected at all, on the course profile. I just rode Tour of Watopia B, Magnificent 8, which includes the Hilly Route’s hill in a clockwise direction. The slope is at 6% for a while, then quickly increases to 10%, then decreases. This is not reflected on the course profile (or reflected poorly). The entirety of the black trapezoid seems to correspond to the current slope rather than the current and the upcoming slope.

Check out all the other threads about the route profile on the forum. It looks like it’s been bad since around 2018 with no relief. It seems to be one of those feature requests where your best option is to meditate.