Hub One Tripping Breakers on Electrical Panel

Got a Hub One a couple weeks ago and first the Click would not connect but ordered a new one and fixed that, cost an additional $60, no offer of a refund from Zwift.

Now the Hub is tripping breakers on the electrical panel in our house that was built one year ago. No other devices do this, only the Hub. It first happened when I was riding the Pretzel in Watopia. At mile 32 the screen went black and I realized a breaker had been tripped. I got off the bike and could not turn the breaker back on until I unplugged the Hub. I tried plugging it in to outlets on different circuits with no other devices plugged in and they also tripped, immediately after plugging it in, and I was not riding. The flywheel was hot and after it cooled my wife was able to ride 10 miles without issue. I contacted Zwift support but was only sent return shipping labels.

Should I send it back or do I need to ride in a cool area with a fan blowing on the flywheel? I don’t know if there is a short in the Hub or if it’s simply overheating and tripping the breaker. Should I plug it into a closed 20 amp breaker instead of an open 15 amp?

Going to try the same route again tomorrow morning with a fan on the flywheel and plugged into a 20 amp breaker. Figure if it happens again I will just send it back and maybe get the Kickr Core. Thanks all in advance for any help or suggestions, I genuinely appreciate it, have a great day!

According to the ZC app I averaged 160 watts over 2 hours 18 minutes, 32.2 miles, 3531 feet of climbing, if this helps

You should try again with Zwift support. Ask for a refund or replacement of everything that didn’t work properly. You should not have to buy multiple times to get a working product.

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I would say so, sounds like a faulty power brick or something… definitely send it back, assuming they will then ship you a replacement.

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Hi @Hans_Krissinger welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see that you’ve already contacted my Support colleagues and are waiting for a reply via email. We ask for your patience as this is a super busy time of year and our responses are slower than ideal.

Your symptoms sound like we should retrieve that trainer from you and exchange it for another Hub or a KICKR Core, whichever you decide.

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Definitely a faulty power brick (or even simply a short in the AC cable, you might try a different one if you have one handy, definitely easier than dealing with the logistics of getting a new trainer…). I don’t think any trainer should draw more than, say, 100 W under any conditions, which translates to just under one amp in US money.