HRM & cadence connectivity

(Spike Smith) #1

Bit of an issue with Zwift Android on my Wileyfox Swift 2+. App works smoothly and is great to use when travelling or in the gym. I use it with my Powertap Powercal combined pseudo power and HRM, and Wahoo cadence device on my shoe. The power function works and lets me ride on Zwift. The problem is that Zwift Android won’t connect to the HRM or the cadence device. Both functions can be seen by other android apps on this phone and the whole package works well on Zwift on my iPod.
Any ideas? I’ve tried the usual switching everything off and back on again and connecting in various different orders but nothing seems to work.

(David K) #2

I’m noticing you seem to be running the Android Beta and Zwift Companion from the same OnePlus Android smartphone. Please either sign out of Zwift Companion or uninstall it. You won’t want both apps running from the same device because it’ll confuse the pairing process.

If after logging out or uninstalling Zwift Companion, you still can’t connect your Wahoo Cadence sensor or HRM, but other devices in the area can see both sensors transmitting in pairing mode, it may be an incompatibility with the Bluetooth chipset in your OnePlus.

Please let me know if that’s the case. I’ll need to then create an email support ticket for you and raise it to our Tier 3 team for consideration.

(Spike Smith) #3

I was logged out of Companion but I’ll try uninstalling it tomorrow