How's New York? 🏙

(A driano! WBR (C)) #61

The visual side of NY is amazing, we’ll done!

The drastically gradient changes without any visual guide in climbs is kinda game breaking for me.
See my thoughts here

With a good trainer and zwifting on 100% settings,
the jump from 4% to 12% without mutch visual guidance/visual difference is hard on the flow of the ride

(Robban Buzasy 🎅PinkSanta ZHR(d) WBR(C)) #62

I do prefer countryside but when riding in the forest it’s hard to learn
the course it look pretty much the same…

There is a place where bikes turns 50% as you would hit a wall… whats that about?
crappy programing?

Riding the skyline its a choppy climb even though it looks even and I like it ramps up
but so uneven and you cant see on the profile.

Fix it!

(Ktaggart IMPEACH) #63

In general I like it a lot! My only two issues so far are minor, and personal I admit – first EZ ZEX HOUSE? Really? Is that supposed to be funny? Kinda isn’t.

Second – Horse and carriage stuff looks weird and is unnecessary. Would prefer not encouraging that whole industry even if just virtually. Would be more fun to put other Central Park characters in there… like the roller bladers (ack) or stroller brigades.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #64

It’s just a New York landmark updated with Zs for Zwift.


(Ktaggart IMPEACH) #65

see how it makes it seem kinda not cool though


maybe get rid of that space between the two Zs?

so minor… why am I even typing about this? lol

(Keith Allen GravesendCC Pack Zzrc ) #66

It was ok till last night till I rode Stage 5 and now again after a update my trainer is loading up to silly levels . Not impressed .

(Michael Kosmatka) #67

Anyone notice the blocked off road going up KOM reverse in NYC and the corresponding road outline on the map? Possible future unlock?

Great map - one of their best yet. I hope they really flesh this one out, tons of potential there.

(Catherine Alexander-Kiff) #68

Not a huge fan I’m afraid. Might be better once they unlock a bit more of it. Once you’re up at sky line it gets boring really quickly as its just skyscrapers. Also as its so small you just go round and round and round seeing the same things over and over. I like London as you have both city and countryside and flat and hills! Open up some countryside outside NY and it’ll be great.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #69

Couple time’s a month… sure. You’ve run that map into the ground and I actually don’t ride on Zwift because of it. That is my honest assessment.

(neil rosson) #70

Course is ok but i’m not really a fan of cartoony graphics & themes but that seems to be a general zwift aesthetic.

(Rob Sigworth) #71

Totally agree. Not a fan of NY city route at all. Enough that it is making me question continuing with Zwift. Maybe time to let us choose the world we want to ride in. Very happy with London, happy with Innsbruck, Richmond ok, but the more fantasy routes, not my cup of tea.

(Catherine Alexander-Kiff) #72

We’ve been questioning staying with Zwift too. Must be time to choose your route now. The tech is there - there’s a work around hack that does it apparently but haven’t tried it yet.

(Judy Sparkes) #73

Both my husband and I are Zwifters. We like N.Y. But miss having a choice to ride a flater route on a recovery day.

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #74

I’d love to see you take some of that creative liberty and maybe focus on another pre fantasy world like watopia. Personally not a great fan of NY.

(. Vincent) #75

NY is my least favorite course on Zwift. Why is it posted for so many days?? How about making Watopia the most visited world with the rest sprinkled in a few days here and there??

So - NY - ugh!!!. Very boring routes. The glass roads - just a bad, boring idea. Es ■■■ House - that is childish and disrespectful. Gradient moderation changes are too abrupt. The graphics are not very pleasing. I hate riding in big cities and this NY course is just ugly.

I though Richmond was bad, but NY is just horrible.

(Todd Wheatley) #76

I’m always excited when Zwift announces and launches new maps, expanding the available riding environments is really important to me and I understand what a huge development undertaking the creation of new worlds must be. With that being said I agree with much of the critique on New York, I do not find the fantasy-style aspects of the world engaging and the terrain is too modulating with climbs and flats stuffed together with very short transitions, doesn’t feel real at all. While I understand the entire Zwift experience is virtual much of the appeal to me is riding realistic terrain within realistic looking environments. For example, the introduction of Alpe Du Zwift was and continues to be one of the most impressive additions to the Zwift world environment. A realistically modeled simulation of a real world climb, that is so awesome!

I suppose in summary I would compare my desire to ride the NYC course in Zwift to my actual desire to ride NYC in real life, very low.

(Steve Wilson) #77

… appreciate the obvious effort that’s gone into this but it’s my least favourite world … like a number of other contributors to the discussion, the thought of cycling in the city (even virtually) is off putting. Like many riders who are lucky enough to do the bulk of their riding outside cities, I find the greatest pleasure to be had is riding in the (virtual or real) natural landscape (hills and all)…
Keep up the (generally) good work though😉

(David Armstrong TX Zhr E) #78

I like NY for the most part, and I appreciate your artistic liberty on the skyline. However, as several said, the park itself seems to be a bit to crowded, and most of the time I like that, but wouldn’t mind being able to turn off and checkout something else.

The lack of Landmarks makes it difficult to tell where we are. I often find I’m on the opposite side of the map from where I think I am. The sprint point sneaks up on us and I miss it most of the time. need a notification and or better landmarks at turns, Like watopia. The perimeter park and its reverse are good rides for mostly flat riding. Ive only did the KOM one time but huge gradients might be overdone.
The biggest thing I wish is we had a way to change our pre-selected route while riding. When we do 2 to 4 hour rides we need to be able to swap routes with out turning off the game and restarting.

Thanks for Asking

(2 RollingStoned) #79

“just below the start of the KOM, i saw tree branches sticking through the clear road”

Trees ANYWHERE in NYC is a good thing. Let It Be. All You Need Is Love.

(2 RollingStoned) #80

Was surprised to see NY launch not long after Innsbruck, both of which took major dev resources. I suspect that the grand plan for NY is GRAND. If NY does evolve grandly it will likely be awesome. If not, it won’t. I like the futuristic glass skyways but need more ways on and off so you can jump on it for short stints. Having said all that what bugs me here is the priority you’re giving dev resources vs. all the meaningful feature requests that continue to be ignored, some for years. Thanks for asking.