How Virtual Scenery Affects Performance & Finding Courses You Like

So I’ve been working on the mental aspect of running and trying to emulate that tribe in Mexico, e.g., forgetting about distance to go, how tired I am, etc.   

Although I’m about a year away from achieving the runner’s high I had an amazing run the other day, it was like the perfect storm of good conditions.   I was leaning forward, my mind was focused on enjoying the run and scenery and I was rested.

I followed another runner into a course I had never done.   It was like a Himalayan mountain course which started at the foothills with mysterious statues.   Nine miles in and I was at high altitude passing cyclists laboring to go uphill.   It was snowing I think and I could see a cloud cover obscuring the ground thousands of feet below.

The scenery was so compelling that I forgot I was running, it became effortless.   I was so excited that I wanted to keep going to the end (I’m addicted to mountains in real life, I have this urge to keep going up) but decided to save it for another time.

Is there a way I can find this course again?   


P.S.   I actually perform worse through the volcano fields, makes me “feel” hot lol.





Glad to hear that you found a course that puts you in the right head space for your run! Being in the right frame of mind does a lot to help you push your limits. Based on your descriptions it sounds like your were running on the Alpe Du Zwift, one of our more recent additions to Watopia. You can checkout the specifics of this course, as well as all other courses that we offer in this support article.


Ride On! 

I think you’re right, it was about that length.   I’ll try to figure out how to get there tonight, thanks!