How to save lost data after zwift crashes when ending ride

This is the first time Zwift crashed on me. Unfortunately it happened after my second race ever in Zwift. I was looking forward to uploading to Strava and viewing the analysis. As soon as I clicked on “end ride”, it crapped out. “not responding” Anyway I have an account with Zwift Power and my results are there at least. Is there a way I can recover the ride data and get it posted to Strava?

If you can see the ride/race in the Companion app, you can log into your Zwift account and download the .fit file.

If you see it on Zwiftpower, you can login to your account, select “Activities”, then download from there as well.

After you download the .fit file, you will need to manually upload it to Strava.


Thank you Lin, I just found it in Zwift Power. Awesome, Thanks again.