How to mitigate Hub connection failure

I was should a training session this morning when halfway through, Zwift reported a connection failure to the Hub One. Power, HR, everything zeroed out. I kept pedaling and eventually it reconnected, but I didn’t get a star for that interval. Same thing happened for the last cool down interval. As a result, I didn’t get completion credit for the training session. Fortunately, it was only an optional active recovery session, but I’m nervous of this happens again when it matters.

Can pausing the session and resuming when the trainer reconnects help?

I’ve seen plenty of mostly older posts about BLE losing connection, and I’ve only experienced this a couple times (once before on just a regular ride). I worry even more about getting dropped from events, like Friday’s start to Tour de Zwift.

I’m using Zwift Hub One connected to an iPad 6th gen. The trainer is also connected over ANT+ to my Garmin Edge 840 since Garmin refuses to accept Zwift rides for their badges, but it’s otherwise served me well all throughout December (got it at the start), but now I’m worried about reliability.

Also, anyway to get credit on a session - at least when it matters? Can support help with that?

As for the connection problem itself, Zwiftilizer shows only TCP latency during the device disconnection window, and the log reports:

[8:45:12] ===========================================================

[8:45:12] [ActiveSegments] detected state change...

[8:45:12] Removed segment: -9223371984251626979

[8:45:12] ==Current Active Segment Hash Ids==

[8:45:12] ===========================================================

[8:45:12] [ZNet] Unsuccessful network call REQUEST_ABORTED! [SubscribeToRouteSegment] [38727 ms]

[8:45:12] ActiveSegments::NetworkSubscriber ERROR: failed to subscribe to segment (segmentId: -9223371984251626979) (msg: Unsubscribe from segment)

[8:45:13] BLEMW::Info [SwiftBLEInterface.swift:260 (writeCharacteristic(_:characteristicUUIDString:value:))]: Leaving writeCharacteristic

[8:45:13] BLEMW::Info [ (writeCharacteristic)]: Performing characteristic write [UUID = 00000003-19CA-4651-86E5-FA29DCDD09D1] of peripheral [Addr = E0F40F58-3696-FC38-2419-4FCC90F587F7]

[8:45:13] Received player packet older than 10 seconds -- ignored (290284239658 vs 290284202276)

[8:45:14] Received player packet older than 10 seconds -- ignored (290284239658 vs 290284202341)

The packet drops then go on for many lines. I use Unifi and have previously optimized my network, so wondering if my iPad just couldn’t keep up for this window.

Talking to a friend more experienced with Zwift, he said this happens - though less often now - and that I should pause my session until devices reconnect, or even cycle power to them. Won’t work during a race, though. :frowning: