How to manually load ride data into zwift feed

For some reason, my ride didn’t upload to Zwift, although it looked like it was doing so.
This has happened before, so I knew that I could retrieve the .fit file and upload it to Strava, but what I really want is to get it onto my Zwift feed. Is there any way to do this? If not, there should be.


At the moment there is no way to manually upload rides/runs to Zwift.


Ahh, that’s too bad.
The data is sitting there in the directory and it loads into Strava, but I guess it is lost from my Zwift achievements.
It’s too bad, as the breakdown in keeping the data undermines some of the gamification aspects of Zwift. It’s a bit silly that I want to get the virtual kit that I was rewarded after my killer interval workout, but my dopamine reward circuit got a little extra boost from that. Alas.

I have had two instances in the past 24 hours of ending ride, clicking ok and zwift just ends, ride/run didn’t save. There’s a fit file named activity in progress and a file which should be the full activity but the abnormal termination means it won’t upload. Companion app has the data from the activity in progress file but says activity still in progress. Both times they were events. One was supposed to be my last TdZ run grrrrr!!