How to join a zwifter during a workout

Morning to everybody and … happy Easter!
I am a beginner. Zwift main characteristic is to allow an interesting , funny and helpful way ti ride indoor. Second key point is sto ride with friends.
The question is : i am not able to ride along with a friend of mine during a workout.
We have more or less the same FTP , we chose the same route ( same world ), same workout, we start on the same moments but …we are not together and we have to spend a lot of efforts to look for each other during the workout! I do not think this is the right way…
There is via Mac or pc the possible choice " join a zwifter " but you have to look for your friend among thousand of zwifters…no way to find him!
Via Zwift Companion there is the function " find zwifter " but i do not know how it works.
Question : could you help me ?

Hi @adalberto_bestetti

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You can try a meetup.

This may help.

Thank you Gerrie,
I tried with meet up that is a ■■■■ of function. In my opinion meetup is useful when you just ride out of any race o workout. Meet up keep two friends and lock them at the edge of the road for short time than …you may start riding together, but according to how it works cannot manage neither a race ( i am sure about that and also make no sense , you find your friend at the starting line ) nor a workout , where the stopwatch is the driving element therefore no stop of any type…

Sorry I don’t understand, I thought you wanted to do a workout together.

Yes Gerrie, I wanted to do workout together a friend of mine and I was answering to you saying that meet up most probably could not solve the problem but …I was wrong. I found some Zwift instruction that explains how to use meet up for a workout
Thank you so much for your patience…

Yes the link I posted show step by step how to do a workout using meetups.

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