How to get started

I just activated my Zwift membership and was hoping to receive some guidance for getting started. Maybe even a welcome email. I could use instructions on how to connect devices and how to select a training plan, etc. Where would I find such things?



The official support website has some info, the Zwift Insider website (not operated by Zwift) has more, and the Zwift Beginners Facebook group can field questions, or just post them here on the forum.

What sort of trainer do you have?

Paul has sent you a link to workouts on ZwiftInsider website. The same website has a home page section specific to ‘Get Started’. One page example linked below but there are pages and pages to read. Zwift does have some information but in general ZwiftInsider is much more useful.

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Thank you!

If it’s a smart trainer with controllable resistance, such as the H3 or M2, you can use ERG mode in workouts where the game tells the trainer to make you maintain a certain level of power. If it doesn’t have controllable resistance then the game will show you the power target and you have to meet it as best you can without the trainer helping you reach that power level (no ERG mode). Saris makes both types.