How to get rid of "missed your calling as a pro" error message?

Sorry if this has been answered earlier… I jumped on the trainer and started hammering away, got both green and polka dot jerseys and then the “you must have missed your calling as a pro” (not) error message. I have the correct trainer selected and things are paired properly, but I adjusted the roller/tire pressure in case that was the issue.

Now when I log back in to ride again I have a warning triangle above my head and it says my data won’t go on the leaderboards. Any way to get rid of it now that I’ve hopefully adjusted things correctly?



Hi Sofia, it takes about an hour of legitimate activity (or no activity) to clear the error.   If you think your trainer setup is totally correct then it could be a low battery on the speed/cadence sensor causing some of the issues.

If you’ve replaced the battery and still have trouble, I’d open a ticket with support and we can go from there.

Thanks Jon. I’ll wait a bit.


I have also got this warning.  It came up when I was uncleating on a kickr.  i.e. I stopped peddling and I think my avatar was still moving when I uncleated.  I have submitted a support ticket as I think (I’m guessing) this came from a sharp spike in power when getting off the bike at the end of a ride, but when my avatar was still coasting to a stop