How to get heart rate and speed on an iPads for a treadmill run

Hi there.
I was wondering if there is a way to get both a Zwift foot pad AND some kind of heart rate measuring device to work on an iPad at the same time for a swift run session? I only have Garmin heart rate straps, I’m assuming I can’t get these to work on an iPad. If I buy a Bluetooth strap such as a Wahoo one, will it work at the same time as a Zwift foot pod on an iPad?
It’s a pain to have to buy one but the academy says you need heart rate for runs as well.
Any other suggestions on how I can get it to work welcome.

It will work just fine.

Yep I have zwift run pod and a Bluetooth hr strap and both connect to my ipad for zwift run

Great thank you. Which heart rate strap do you use?

I use the Wahoo TICKR FIT and ZWIFT RunPod on my iPad. The TICKR FIT armband is much more comfortable to me than my chest strap, it is more accurate than my wrist based HR monitor, it can be manually turned on/off, and has a charger so I know it is fully charged when I am ready to go. I also have the TickR Chest strap and I do like it but find the armband so much more convenient. I got mine when they were on sale and I would expect them to be going on sale on or after this coming Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

Mine is just a generic Bluetooth one I got half price with my treadmill. Got it from sweatband. Com