First run on Zwift! Questions

(Jose ODonovan) #1

So I did my first start and stop run on zwift. Some issues etc, especially using a tiny iphone SE. But it was a good test.

Question, can I get my heart rate on there some how? I have a garmin and a garmin heart rate strap.

What is the best way to get your heart rate on zwift, is it necessary etc?


(Paul) #2

The cheapest way would to buy a duel band HRM like the new Garmin Duel or the Wahoo Tickr.

You could use the CABLE to bridge the signal, but it’s close to the same price as a Wahoo Tickr.

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(Chris Hanger) #3

I use a Polar HR7 heart rate monitor and strap.

Amazon Link
It is solid and works very well.
I think HR straps provide more consistent and reliable data than other methods of recording HR while running.
I used to run with zwift on an iPhone. But Zwift has managed to cram so much information into that small iPhone screen that seeing (it all) required a scanning electron microscope. There are many options for making your screen bigger, and many videos on YouTube for doing so.