How to get best results for heart rate recovery in AppleHealth after a Run?

I wear a H10 strap and my AppleWatch4 - but I never get good results for my heart rate recovery in AppleHealth after a run.
Like after 30 minutes I stop the run in Zwift and upload it.
Then I leave the treadmill to sit down and rest some minutes while I import the ZWIFT run with RunGap and export it to AppleHealth.

That way I guess ZWIFT isn’t recording my heart rate recovery after I end a run.
Why that?

If then only the watch and the HR10 strap are used to record, how can I make sure the values are correct in AppleHealth?

Hi @GoetzPhil

We have an Apple Watch Best Practices guide on our support hub that may help.

But it doesn’t tell anything about how to get the heart rate recovery after a run.

We officially support writing to Apple Health if you’re running the game app on the iOS device natively.

Go into Apple Health and find the Zwift source (it’s under the iCloud avatar in the top-right and Privacy->Apps->Zwift on iOS 13, and under health sources on iOS 12 IIRC) and make sure all options are turned on.

For other platforms (and probably better accuracy right now), sync the Zwift app to Strava, then sync Strava with Apple Health. Also make sure Strava in Health has all the right permissions.

Go to the Activity app on your iPhone, go to the Workouts tab, and select the workout you want to see. Toward the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your heart rate for the workout. If you swipe to the left on thie heartrate graph, you’ll see another graph of your 3-minute heart rate recovery. It’s easy to miss – the only indication that there’s more to see are the two dots under the graph. Also keep in mind that the watch continues to record this recovery after you’ve ended your workout. You don’t need to wait to end the workout to get this data. And it works for any Apple Watch workout, including Zwift workouts.