How to disable Automatic FTP?

How do you disable the automatic FTP update after a ride?  If you can’t disable it, how can you ignore the suggestion, it asks the question if you would like to use the new FTP but there is seemingly no way to say no.

I want to do an FTP every 2-3 months, not every time I ride, I appreciate the feedback but it’s annoying have to go in and change my FTP back every ride.

You can always hit cancel. But if you get a FTP update on every ride then it is time to update your FTP.

So why not accept the new figure? Your FTP is in fact now higher than what you have it set to.

That screen looks totally different to the one I get, the only option I see is a big button titled “Oh Yeah” there is no cancel button.

Brad, you’re on the iOS version? It has the Oh Yeah only option. 


There are FTP bugs on iOS right now. Bad calculations and the FTP test asks you to do a 20 min anaerobic effort on the academy version.

You cant disable FTP calculation so you’ll just have to manually adjust until it’s straightened out. The Windows version is different and unaffected (I use both).


That said, these issues should only appear if it’s actually recalculating a new higher FTP. Is your FTP set too low?

I am using the Windows (Windows 10) version and I get the “Oh Yeah” screen, my partner also plays it and has been getting it as well.  We are both playing off different PC’s that we play through a steam link.  Definitely not using the iOS version.  It has just started acting like this for the past fortnight.

My bad then, must be getting confused between the two!

Is your FTP set too low though?

I did an FTP test about 4 weeks ago, and about 2 weeks later it did one of these auto updates, and it has done so every ride since (as I am changing it back).  My situation is that I was completely unfit and am trying to correct that, a side effect is I am seeing gains every week (FTP result 10 or more each time to my original result).  I would prefer to keep my FTP how it is and work to that for 8 weeks, do another FTP test and so on.  As it stands it makes workout mode a little hard if I use the suggested FTP as I find I wear myself out too quickly.  I understand I am probably not the typical user in this sense but it would be nice if I could disable it or at least say no, considering it even asks it as a question (complete with question mark) but the only option presented is Yes in the form of “Oh Yeah”.

Brad you are not the only one with this issue. I too took a long layoff from cycling and after doing my base work am trying to do hard intervals in the short time I have everyday to train. When you have intervals set to way above your ftp for me say 400-500 watt 30 second intervals and the game ups your ftp, then all of your custom workouts get upped a percentage of watts automatically. Thanks but I don’t want to do 30 second 600 watt intervals just because my ftp increased. It is a pain in the rear to go back everyday and change my custom workout settings back to what my ftp was, if I remember where it was the day before. I don’t see why this can’t be an option at least on custom workouts. Perhaps they do it because people sand bag their ftp for races? I don’t know, doesn’t make any sense to me the paying customer.

I will say it is a great product, but I hope they don’t stop listening to customer feedback.

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Why not just use the higher FTP number, training is supposed to be hard. Once you get fitter your FTP won’t change as often, it may change once a year.