Ftp not updating

Yesterday I completed a race and my zwift stats on my android phone state that I had a new best avg for 20 mins (300 watts). I thought that if I got a new 20min avg best then my ftp would automatically update but it hasn’t, its still at 268. Have I misunderstood how it works? I have also found that my laptop is not showing the updated stats but it does on my phone? Any help would be appreciated

Was it Crit City and you finished 33rd?

If you got an FTP increase mid-race, you would get a screen flash up with your new FTP and you have to accept it (clicking “on yeah”) for it to update the FTP in settings.

Your best times for 5sec/1min/5min/20min and “this ride” in the menu screen (below example) are locally stored on your Zwift device and not shared to any other device you may use for Zwift. If you want to, you can copy the appropriate file over.

Thanks for replying. Yes it was the Crit City Race. It didn’t pop up with a message to say it had detected an FTP increase so couldn’t click the oh yeah button. When I looked at the best times on the menu screen after the race like it says 300 watts for 20mins so not sure why it didn’t pop up and tell me. Guess I will just have to manually change it. Thanks for clearing up the difference between devices, I didn’t realise that data was stored locally

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