FTP test - I hit dismiss ride on mobile companion

Hi - I did the short ftp test. At the end I hit dismiss ride button on the mobile companion app and I wasn’t given the option to record my new ftp. Is there a way to look at that workout and get my ftp from it?

If it didn’t tell you a new FTP then your result probably wasn’t higher than your current FTP setting. Have a look in the Workouts section and see your FTP on the far right.

Yeah I manually dragged that value down earlier today and I think it’s still that value but I can’t be sure. What I’m really hoping is that you can look at an ftp test and read the ftp value from it.

You can get the best 20 minutes in Strava and multiply that by 0.95 to get your ftp

Ok thx. I’ll multiply the 20 min ftp test part by 0.95.