How to connect xplova x5 evo with zswift

Hai fellows, need assistant here😁

The Xplova X5 is a bike computer?
What do you want with it in regards of zwift?
Zwift won’t run on it.

What trainer do you have, or powermeter or sensors?
On what platform do you want to run zwift?

Hai Ben,

Yes xplova x5 is bike computer

Im run trainer Minoura FG540 hybrid roller thru axle
And this is not smart trainer

My reading when using speed stick on rear hub with Sensor does not bring me accurate reading during ride on zswift


If you use the ANT+ Signal from your Speed Sensor to connect to Zwift and your bike computer, it will never show the same speed.
Your bike computer only shows the speed from your rear wheel and don’t know anything from the terrain, draft or rolling resistance from Zwift.
Zwift will take that speed signal and turn it in virtual power, then calculates your in-game speed from that virtual power based on many things, like terrain, draft, rolling resistance, type of bike, type of wheels, ect.

Thanks for the explanation given😀

So how the get good accurate reading on virtual ride from this

If your trainer is supported by Zwift, Zwift will give you quite accurate readings.
Simply turn your Xplova off and use it just for outdoors.

Ok noted
Thanks Ben​:grinning::muscle::+1::malaysia: