How to add more screenshots

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I can only see one screenshot image on my ride activity, I am told up to 5 screenshots are available, can I get advice on how to add more screenshots or vids?
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At the screen for saving your ride, have a look at which screenshots Zwift says it’s going to upload. You can toggle each one on/off for uploading or not.

If you are using a PC then if you take multiple screenshots they will all be saved locally in the pictures folder on your computer whether they are uploaded or not. Both with and without the HUD enabled.

Thanks Steve & Chris.
This is what I see on my iPhone, there’s no buttons to add images.

you need to do it when you save the activity.

do you take multiple screenshots in game?

firstly you need to take screenshots - easiest way is via the companion app or F10 on a keyboard but this can be a bit flakey. then when you save the activity you can save up to 5.

I don’t know how it works on iOS but with the companion app on android each screenshot you take is saved to the phone anyway. (on my phone it is stored in internal storage/pictures)

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It looks like you are not taking any of your own screenshots so you are only seeing those taken automatically by the system, usually 1 a ride plus any notable moments (awards, workout report, achievements)

If you want to take your own have a look at this ZwiftInsider article. Useful website for everybody but especially those new to Zwift.

How to: Snap and Share Killer Zwift Photos | Zwift Insider.

That’s one of the functions that makes Companion mandatory IMO: screen shot management (and ride ons).

I don’t think that adding images to the activity in your Zwift history is even supported, post ride.

You get a freebie, one image the system takes for you, and a video if you finish a workout, or something ‘memorable’ happens, as pointed out above. The Companion app has the camera icon which takes the picture and uploads it to the computer you are using for the main wift app. That also means those images are there taking up space. I have to remind myself to go and clear those folders out occasionally. The end of a ride/workout shows only a smaller number of images taken during the ride, the rest are there on the computer so they can be found and posted. (Taking more than 20-some images used to crash the app, so that was a great fix they did GO TEAM!!)

Thank you all. When I first started, Zwift generated 5 images and was great. Then it became just 1 images. Perhaps it’s something I have done. Will try again and see.


It takes a screenshot every time you do something noteworthy - finish a workout, get a PB on a KOM or sprint etc

maybe you had previously done more things that generated an auto screenshot if you weren’t taking manual shots.

By default, it does a single screen shot, and a video IF you do something that needs a video. Videos are not on every ride, and can actually be accidentally set to the erroneous ‘8 hour time goal met’ which is useless.

There ised to be a limit of 20-something shots too, and everything over 25(?) would not be accessible for posting at the end of the ride. Don’t know if that’s been fixed. But like Chris said, it also does ‘special’ shots, like level ups, and such, but you have to take some screen shots yourself too.