How is everyone doing "Ride Ons" so easily?

At the end of any event with a results list, you can click a ride-on next to each rider in the list quite easily, or just drop a few bombs straight after the finish to dish out some to the riders you finish with.


That’s gold. Thanks David, I’ll give that a go tonight.

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So that I understand, in the Rode With list at the end, if I click on the Ride On symbol next to the name, they will get a Ride On?
I have clicked on this and I haven’t noticed anything that confirms that they have received a Ride On from me. The thumb symbol hasn’t changed colour or anything. Am I supposed to see something? I am using a MacBook

Some people send the same message, I assume the messages are generated by a 3rd party program with macros. Either that or they are sitting at the side of the road typing

In free rides, I click on the map periodically to give 5 to people around me.

Honestly, at this point, I give out the most immediately before and after riding. When riding with the pace partners, I used to give out ride-ons using the map on the companion app quite frequently. Then, after the ride was over, in the summary screen, I’d follow everyone who’d given me a ride on. I think I’m following ~2,000 people at this point. Nowadays, whenever I open the companion app, I hit the blue thumb at the top to give ride ons to all the people I’m following. That can only give out 100 ride ons at a time. On a busy time, I sometimes have to hit it 3 times before I’ve given a ride on to everyone I’m following. Do that before and after a ride and some days I’ve given out 400+ ride ons, not counting the ones I’ve given during a ride. A lot of other people seem to do the same as just about any ride over 45 minutes or so these days results in over 100 ride ons (unless I’m riding at an odd time that I don’t usually ride during so no one I follow and no one who follows me is online).

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I bet they don’t allow it in races because then you could cheat by weighing down your competitors’ jerseys with the heavy blue thumbs.

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