How fast can you go down Alf de zwift see some one going at 102 km is this possible

How fast can you go down Alf de zwift seen some one going at 102 km is this possible?

What the maximum watts going down alph de Zwift

Seeing as though there’s a badge for exceeding 100kph, it’s indeed possible.

Though, ADZ isn’t the best place to do it unless you’re quite heavy, and on a slick bike; or a handcycle.

Most folks will get the 100kph badge going down something like radiotower with a little boost and a slick bike or TT etc. …then you have someone weird like me who managed to get it in Yorkshire with an anvil.

I’d assume if you’re upwards of 90kg and on a handcycle, hitting 100kph down ADZ isn’t unheard of and rather common.
I’m relatively light at 60kg, and with a not very fast frame and wheelset hit 75kph max on the descent this past weekend.
I believe I reach somewhere in the 85kph range on a handcycle (very heavy, and quite aero due to low frontal area)

However; trying to push out power to go faster? Good luck with that; at those speeds and that much air resistance not to mention gearing probably not set up to go any faster at those speeds, it’s going to take likely a few thousand watts to increase your speed any more. (the math could be done but I’m too lazy, and it well exceeds most folk’s capabilities, let alone interest)


Great answer thanks mate

Yes it is possible.

Use hand cycle on the descent and last sector before the descent ends is the key one. If you have aero helmet power up even better.

That’s how I got the 100km/h badge at my light weight.

Given I don’t have as much assistance of gravity I’ll take every bit of help I can get.

According to Strava = 117.6 kph with a total decent time of 6.14 min (pretty sure this record could be contested for authenticity)

Has anyone got the uphill speeding fine on ADZ for exceeding 20km/h on the start of the second segment? :wink:

Anyone tried it yet? Give it a go. :slight_smile: