How do you add extra info to Zwift profile?

Hi all,
So I want to add a little blurb to my profile page, and also figure out how to do video weight/height etc, and upload them. I can’t figure out how to add that info though. On the Companion App, it just lets you edit basic info. I’ve tried Googling it with no success.
Many thanks

You should be able to edit those on the companion app.

No, not just edit weight. I want to add some info eg likes eating cake;) and also upload video of weight and height. Some people have lots of background info. I can only see how to edit the basics.

You mean on here or your actual Zwift profile?

Edit: Updating Your Public Profile

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks Liz, but I still don’t see a way to add blurb info, or upload video links. Just edit the basic stats. Maybe I’ll ask some Zwifters who’ve got all the extra info added.
Many thanks

You mean this?

Are you thinking your zwiftpower profile?

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Yes. For example, some people have a whole spiel about themselves, their IRL efforts etc, as well as having uploaded video evidence links for weight, height, ZADA tests etc. Some just say they love eating cake! But it doesn’t fit into the basic categories.

Click on Profile and then Settings in ZP.

You can then edit your Bio.

Brilliant, Thanks James. Simple when you know how;)

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