Companion App - how to review rides

I’m new to Zwift. I notice there isn’t a avg speed metric while you are riding. Can you find out info from the ride, while you are riding or after with the companion app? Avg speed Avg watts etc etc . I’m coming from a different platform and Zwift seems to be missing a lot of information. Hopefully I am just missing something. I would also love to see distance to go, and distance to go on a climb. Or possibly a view of the profile where you can see how far it is to the end and end of climb. And view from above to see people around you. Thanks for any tips.

Regards Peter.

Hi @Peter_Shupe, some of the info you are asking for is not available while in the game.

Average speed is not available during or after the ride that I am aware of.

Average watts, cadence and HR are available after the ride in the companion app.

Distance to go is only available on a few routes such as hilly route in Watopia. If you set up a meetup for a specific route however, there will be a distance to go bar at the top.

The mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen will show the route profile on the bottom and you can see how far up a climb you are, but it doesn’t tell you how much distance is left, just a visual.

You can change camera views to see more of the group around you. If on a PC you can use the number keys on the keyboard to switch views, or the companion app can also change camera angles.

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If you setup connection to another platflorm such as Strava or Garmin, etc., they will compute average speed and more after the ride is done and it is uploaded to that platform.

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