Current average speed display

(Stuart Davis) #1

As per the title, would be nice to see my current average speed on screen somewhere. At present I have no idea if I’m up or down on a previous session until I finish and save to Strava.

(Scott McLean (A)) #2

I agree.

Please add average speed to display !!!  This is somethings that

all bicycle computers and GPS systems have… It is very silly not to include

this in Zwift. Every cyclists uses average speed in the real world.


On another topic: I would like to see an average watts display also.

Note: There is one displayed when doing the FTP test.

Why not have this displayed during a normal ride also?

(David Carmona) #3

Fully agree, please add this very usefull feature 

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst SASCC (C)) #4

Could be very useful for group rides as w/kg doesn’t always work so well, especially on flat courses. Would help the ride leader a lot I expect.

(Denny Shatzer 50y/96kg) #5

Old thread, still needed.  :slight_smile:

(Scott McLean (A)) #6

Agreed. We need “average speed” listed during a ride in Zwift.

We have this tool present with bicycle computers, GPS units,

and etc… Why is this very important used feature/tool not in Zwift?


(Jamie Basham) #7

I find it hard to believe this isn’t already feature. I’m new to Zwift and I’m finding it hard to pace myself, an average speed on screen or on the companion app would be a masssive help.