How do the Zwift chiefs feel about posting test rides public on Strava? I am getting questions from fellow club members . . . .

(S Schofield) #1

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

They are encouraging us to post rides to Strava. Several members of the Zwift team have commented in my Strava posts and have responded to a couple of questions/concerns from other posters.

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #3

That’s great - I know my feed alone has been generating interest/questions…

(Scott) #4

We’re happy to have you post your rides - it’s your workout data! It may create a little chatter when people ask where/ how / why you’re riding on a little known uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific… :wink:

Feel free to tell them you are one of our super awesome beta testers.

(joshua wachs) #5

And can we tell people we are beta testing Zwift? (Because I got those exact questions about the Island.)