How do I select erg mode in a group event workout.

The workout leader suggested we select erg mode for the workout event, but I don’t see a way to do that? If I go to the initial “Select Workout” and toggle the erg button, I have to choose one of those workouts, not the Event Workout. I also select erg mode on my Wahoo Fitness App for my Kickr Snap, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

Hi Rich. You select ERG mode on the workout screen. Shortcut E. You do not need to select a workout as when you do a group workout a workout will be automatically loaded up for you. You don’t need to run the Wahoo Fitness app. That’s only if you want to ride without using Zwift.

So prior to starting the group workout, fire up Zwift, go to the workout screen, enable ERG mode, press the back key to get back to regular riding mode, ride around a bit to warm up then do the group workout (that you’ve selected previously using Zwift mobile link). On the pairing screen the Snap should be selected as controllable trainer and power source unless you’re using a power meter.

Hope this helps.

You can toggle ERG mode during a (group) workout simply by pressing the Up key (Windows/Mac) or swiping up, and then toggle the ERG mode in the blue button bar.


I’m a bit confused, and perhaps someone can answer my question. I have started participating in Zwift group workouts, and really find these events enjoyable and useful.

My question also involves ERG mode. I’m using a Wahoo Kicker Snap, and Zwift Mobil Link iOS, and a MS Surface, all connected with ANT+.

So, do I need to switch to ERG mode for each group workout? I have not done this previously.

Thanks in advance

ERG mode forces you to ride at the specific power target. You then just pedal away and let the trainer worry about the power. You don’t need to change gear generally in ERG mode. If you’re not in ERG mode it’s up to you to maintain target power by changing gear and pedalling faster or slower.

I always do workouts in ERG mode. Some people don’t like ERG mode especially if it’s a hard workout as you must stay on top of the power and slow cadence intervals can fool the trainer into thinking you can’t cope with the power and the resistance gets harder and harder. Suggest you try it and see if you like it. You’ve paid all this money for a smart trainer that has ERG mode, you should at least try it out.


Thank you for the excellent explanation. I have completed several group workouts in non-erg mode and did have to shift bike gears and cadence to maintain the required power (W).
I will definitely try my next group workout with the trainer in erg mode.

I am trying to rehab my knee after injury so do not want to ride in ERG mode for group events. When I have selected the event on mobile app. I start riding in “Just Ride” mode prior to event starting to warm up. Per normal it will spawn me into the group event on time and I will begin to ride. However it is always in ERG mode by default. I have logged out started again, gone to workout mode clicked the radio button to disable erg mode. but this doesn’t work,  I have spent hours reading the complaints the lack of  ERG disable/eneable using the mobile app. Please advise how to handle this. Using laptop/pc and mobile app (iPhone 6s),


Disable ERG from your PC when in a group workout.

You can toggle ERG mode during a (group) workout simply by pressing the Up key (Windows/Mac) or swiping up, and then toggle the ERG mode in the blue button bar.