How do I ride a gravel or mtb route?

Ok I’ve used zwift for ten hours ish so I know more or less what I’m doing but how do I ride off road? I keep seeing posts about gravel rides and mtb routes but I can’t seem to find them. What are the routes called, which zwift world, how do you do a gravel work out?

Totally lost.

You need to have the companion app open on you phone and attached to your handle bars. When you you are in Titans Grove there is a turn (marked with “???” I believe) that will pop up, select that and you will be on the gravel steering route.

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For more information see


The Jungle routes are gravel roads, you will be fastest on a MTB or gravel bike, road bikes will be slower. The routes are called “Road to Ruins” or “Jungle Circuit”.

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