Dirt only routes

Hello, I was wondering if there is an easy way to find (or if there are any) dirt only routes other Repack? Thanks in advance!

Hi @JEkman_Nerds_On_Dirt , welcome to the Zwift forum.

No that is the only true MTB only route in Zwift that use the steering.

The Jungle route is dirt, but you can ride with any bike there and it does not use the steering input. It is fun with the MTB in the jungle try it.

Ah, cool thanks! I will give that a try tonight!

@JEkman_Nerds_On_Dirt. Welcome to Zwift forums. If you are new to Zwift you have to gain level 10, I think before you have full access to the Jungle route. If you want to try it out before reaching this level you can by joining a group workout or race using that course.

See https://zwiftinsider.com/jungle-circuit/ for more details.

So the only way to get to the mtb trails is gaining level 10?

No, they have lowered the level restriction to open up more roads to more new Zwifters. I think it is down to level 5 now? The MTB course, Repack Ridge, with the steering ability is accessible to everyone through Titan’s Grove. You have to have the ability to steer on this one (phone on handlebars or held in your hand and turned/tilted), and be running the companion app to get to it.


I took the route Quatch Quest and I saw the trai. However, it didn’t gave me the option to make the right toward the trail. I had my phone on the handlebar since I started but I don’t know what happened. Do I have to make any set up before starting on my phone or do I have to access the trail differently?

Did you have the companion app running too, on the same wifi network as your device that runs Zwift?


As @Mike_Rowe_PBR said you need to have the companion app open and on the map screen.

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I had the app opened and on the map as well. I will try again and see. Thanks