Holding 2 jerseys at once?

(J O'Connor) #1

For a very brief period today I had both the KoM jersey and the green sprint jersey however only one was visible against my name on the leaderboard at any time.

Whilst I suspect I’m unlikely to ever repeat this feat it would be good if the background on the leaderboard could reflect both (or even all 3) simultaneously?

(Scott) #2

If you hold multiple jerseys, they will automatically switch out as you pass through each corresponding arch. If you lose a jersey you’re currently wearing - say the KOM jersey in your example - you will automatically switch to the next jersey you hold - the Green Sprint jersey.

(Craig Howard WBR B) #3

So who gets the green jersey - the 2nd best time?

(J O'Connor) #4

If you have 2 jerseys, say green and kom, you show the kom after the kom section and then green following the sprint arch for the remainder of the lap. This is also the case for the leaderboard background.
However, unless somebody is watching you and sees the change and figures out what’s going on they’d never know you hold two. So if there were only 10 riders on the island it’d look like nobody had the green jersey until you went under the arch when it would then look like nobody had the kom jersey.
If the name on the board showed both backgrounds then everybody could see how awesome you are.