Just got blown by a couple bots (B then A) in the volcano named Hillclimbintro. The A bot at least was doing 1000w/13.3wkg. What’s the deal?

Related suggestion, make the faster bots weigh less. A bot 65kg, B 70kg, C 75kg, D 80kg for example. Would improve group dynamics.

Personally I’m glad the bots are the same weight, it leads to more predictability in terms of power required when moving from one to the other and less variablity between hills and flats for the average Zwifter (since the bot weights are about the weight of the average Zwifter). If the A bot was very light they might not be pushing a lot of power on flat at 4.2 w/kg, but 4.2w/kg on climbs would make it a huge power swing for anyone over 75kgs.

I think these bots are set in the pens to give a text intro/instructions before the race begins. You’re not supposed to follow or ride with them; they’re supposed to run away into the distance to not affect anything in the race… :man_shrugging:

This occurred during a free ride

I’ve watched them before. When the event ends at the custom distance they reappear in the world with all the other riders (same as what happens to you in that scenario) for a minute or so and then they end their ride and disappear.