Well, I would expect on flat that constance is doing 315W, if constance was in the draft I would also expect to average about that amount, but if constance was in the wind I would expect to need less power to keep in the draft. I’m a bit heavier than constance btw.

If on a steep hill like the Alpe I would assume constance is doing up to 20% more power, so that would be as high as 378W (or about 5w/kg). (is that right? That seems high)

I couldn’t hit that hill power for very long - otherwise I’d be sponsored, so I’d have to drop to a lower bot, ha.

That said, that big swing in power is my problem with all bots, not just the A bot. 20% increase is big and results in large swings of power.

4.6w/kg and 345 watts. Normal pace is 315w and 4.2w/kg. Because the bots never have to change gear, they also zoom onto the climbs faster than we can, while we lose some speed and our power fluctuates when we change gears.

Which is what I and others have been saying but nobody listens. If the climb was 30km long at 8% then Constance would do 345w and 4.6w/kg for the entire thing, no way that is realistic, yet someone at Zwift seems to think it is fine.

I believe the power can only be increased to a maximum of 10%. Zwift faq:

Q: How does Zwift adjust the pace when RoboPacers are going up or down a hill?

A: Since most Zwifters pedal harder on uphills, and rest on downhills, the RoboPacer will follow natural pedaling habits to keep the group together: on a 1% gradient, the RoboPacers will put out 3% more power; on a 2% incline, 6% more power; and on a 3% gradient, 10% more power. On a 1% downhill, the RoboPacer will decrease their power by 6%; on a 2% downhill, 12%; and on a 3% downhill, by 20%.

Using 10% your calculations would then match the figures given by Chris.

Constance goes from 4.2w at 315w at 4.2w/kg to 345w at 4.6w/kg

Again on Sugar Cookie route today going up first part of Epic KOM and the bridge half the group ended up smashed by 5 seconds. Constance was doing 33-34km/h across the bridge. To just stay in front of Constance on the bridge I was staying at about 330w with 59kg weight.

I stayed there for 71km today despite the advice above that I supposedly should ride with a slower group.

Across that bridge you can tow Constance faster as well and make things miserable for the people at the back of the group.

If they fall back by 2 seconds they are at risk to be completely dropped. Before teleporting came along they would have needed to end ride and rejoin.