Adjustments to the Bots

I have been on Zwift for years and love it. Thank you.

Regarding the pace bots, could they be individualized for each runner who wants to go on and use one? I’d love to be able to do an alternating pace run, where I could tell the bot to run 4:32 pace/km for 90 sec and then 3:56 pace for 30 sec, etc., and to do it for 15 sets, or for 50 mins. I’d also like to be able to set a bot at exactly my tm 10k PB pace and see how long I could stay with it. Having a bot be 26 sec/km faster or 41 sec/km slower isn’t really a help.

Also, it would be great if there could be a “hill mode” or “mountain mode” that we could set so that our bot would run a certain percentage of their given pace slower for every 1 percent of gradient on a climb. So maybe we could tell it to run at 5:00/km on the flats and then check off a box for “hill mode: climber level 1” (or level 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., depending on how good of an uphill runner we are/how hard we want to run the hills that day), so the bot would slow down a bit on each hill. When at climber level 1, for example, the bot would run 2% slower than its normal pace for every 1% uphill on the course; at climber level 2, the bot would run 4% slower for every 1% uphill; etc.

Finally, it would be super if we could be placed on the course a certain distance (of our choosing) ahead of the bot–for example, 3km–so we could have time to finish entering the event info on the computer, get the tm going, do a warmup, and then meet the bot on the course.