Hill in london

New big hill appeared in London after update

Where? Do you have a pic?

Think it’s the strand where the 1k Banner is after the sprint .where the road doubles back on itself


looks like a floating hill for sure

Do you mean the green mound in the background as opposed to an actual hill with rideable roads?

yes like a green hill

I couldn’t say either way albeit I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it and it does look out of place given that part of London is very urban.

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i have never noticed it before when you get close it is actually floating with sky underneath it also, defiantly looks out of place, apologies for not being more specific

Perhaps Hilton just wanted a better view from the Waldorf…

Hi, there seems to be a new scenery bug on London Classique as you approach the hairpin along the strand. There is half a hill on display that I don’t think should be there.

See Hill in london

Thanks Steve, although that’s posted in general discussion rather than as a bug.

Hi Dan it was posted in bugs and support but good others post also as it shows it’s still there