Hey Zwift Runners, We Hear You Loud and CLEAR!

Im doing Zwift biking today and would like to be able to run also. At the moment Im thinking of investing in a smart treadmill but hesitates as I don’t now if this will be compatible with the new features you are developing. How is the advice around that.


Hey Mattias, thats a good question and unfortunately, I can’t get you a good answer as a lot of it has to do with the manufacturer, their capabilities, and willingness to work with us on advanced integration characteristics. The short answer is to focus the units on our “Treadmills that connect to Zwift” list.

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So it just means to ask: WHICH OTHER APP is good to get the incline during a run, so I can combine those data later.

I also like to add, Im a user with a FIXED INCLINE on my treadmill. That way it sure would be easy to tell ZWIFT a CONSTANT number to use as incline parameter to add to any run I do.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see some of the cycling features show up on the run platform… like the custom workouts.

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Hi Mike,

I’ve just recently (yesterday!) started running on Zwift. I have an iFit compatible treadmill, and I’m hopeful that Zwift and IFit are able to come to an agreement about sharing that interface in the future.

In the meantime, it’d be helpful if the gradient changes were advertised in advance. Maybe when you were within 50-100m of a gradient change, it could have “3% in 30m… 20m… 10m… ” pop up below the current gradient, just so those of us that are keen to run hills can make the adjustment ourselves. Obviously this would help people with non-BLE treadmills also.

Thanks for all the work you guys do on a great platform.

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Just wanted to say that I appreciate the changes to Zwift running since you first posted here. The forum is more active, running routes and workouts have been added and I’m really liking the Tour d’Zwift this year. I see on DC Rainmaker that your position has been eliminated and I wish you all the best. Thank you for all you’ve done and I hope Zwift isn’t making a big mistake here.

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Well Done on the new job! Would be great to have some trail runs aswell as a 400m track - looking forward to hearing what’s in store.

New job didn’t last long

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I’m the dev for RunCline which receives incline control from Zwift on PC or Mac and send the right commands to many smart treadmill brands. Sadly, Zwift on iOS or tvOS do not transmit the required BT messages. Only PC or Mac. Why is that? Could Zwift simply add the same thing on iOS and tvOS as they do on PC or Mac. I believe the change would not be major and more of us could benefit from incline control?


Mike I should no longer in charge of Zwift Running.

As Paul wrote, Mike McCarthy left Zwift in March 2020 when Zwift restructured and eliminated a number of positions, including his, VP of Running.

Thanks Steve, Paul. True. I remember now.

Still, it would be great for Zwift to extend the current functionality to iOS and tvOS Zwift platforms. Was worth the post. :wink:

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You can use the Fenix 6 directly with Zwift.