Here's a list of my bugs

I’m running a new AMD laptop and don’t say AMD isn’t that great with Zwift. It ran great all last summer

  1. rides are not saved to my feed. So nothing is uploaded to Strava.
  2. I noticed when just on a regular ride drops are frozen. When doing a workout they work while doing an interval but then freeze when in the recovery zone.
  3. ANT seems fine and connects easily
  4. Sometimes Zwift will work. I can usually tell by turning on my Companion app and if I have that white circle around my arrow mark I’m good to go. Otherwise no

The last email I got from support is that they are aware of the bugs and working on them.

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having these issues.

This has been fixed in the last update.

I assume you meant the Companion app is not working. This is most probably your local network or the pone is jumping between cellular data and wifi

This sounds like the situation when a user has logged in to Zwift on multiple devices. Ensure that you have logged out of Zwift on all devices you use before your next ride and see if that corrects the issue.


Ok I’ll have to check again… I did a short 1.5 mile this morning and didn’t really look at that. I just didn’t get any saved ride anywgere

Ok I do have my old laptop I was using but that’s turned off and put away. I’ll sign back into that and log out…

From Zwift:

  • All rides need to be 2.0 km (1.6 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km (.5 mi) to upload. This is to prevent shorter activities from clogging up activity feeds, while longer activities should upload normally.

Rides need to be at least 1.6 miles (2k) in order to save.

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Ok I usually do that I try to go over 1.7 … But since the app wasn’t working I figured it just wasn’t fixed yet

So I had zwift in a chat window this morning. They said they were going to escalate my problem. I told them it does work on my windows 10 i7 laptop but suddenly just stopped saving my rides on my AMD laptop. So while chatting they said it would be escalated and they just stop responding. They did say they would be in touch in a few days but didn’t take any info from me.

I think I got screwed …