Herd climber gambit new year revolution

Hi anyone had timing errors with last weekend event? The overall timing for everyone gives me time a but when I look at my profile in zwift power I have a completely different time. 1 seems to have pulled the overall time for the 12kms & the other is the time for just the climbs.

Only the Climb times count for this series so your Zwiftpower time of 18:38 reflects the total amount of time that you spent climbing (so 2x Sgurr South + 2x Sgurr North last weekend). The time that you see on Zwift Companion is your total time for the race and is irrelevant given the format of the race.

I was in the Saturday morning America E race (event id 4066081) as Climbers Gambit is a regular feature in my training. The results on Zwift Companion for that race gives me a time of 28:47 but because only the climb times count, my ZwiftPower time of 13:26 is the only one that matters.

Hi Adrian
Sorry haven’t been clear with this problem. Yes my time for event is correct & understand it is only the climbs that count.
The problem for me is under the league area in Zwift power which is how every rider for every event is tracked & placed. If you look there this is where I am finding 34 minutes. As we know my event time is 18.38. I hope I have explained it better this time.
I have looked on a iPhone & iPad & cleared the cache history so they are pulling fresh info to the browser. I assume it is something weird in the data bases Zwift power uses & there maybe no fix. Which is fine with me it is just weird issue I was hoping there was a fix for.


Yeah I see your problem, your first race score appears to still be total time on ZwiftPower and by my very rough and ready calculations it leads to a timing issue on GC.

I can flag this thread to the organizer in the Herd Racing League to have a look at or if you’re a member of the FB group then please feel free to chime in.

Hi Adrian if you could flag it as I don’t have FB. Glad I explained it better on the 2nd attempt.


Hi Brett!

Apologies for the Timing + Scoring error on ZP. I nudged the hamster awake and had them re-run the results so have a look now and see how things look.

Thanks for asking the question and equal thanks to Adrian for bringing the question over to the Herd Racing Facebook page or else I likely wouldn’t have been aware of the issue.

We know you have a choice when it comes to Hill Climb Series on Zwift, and we sincerely appreciate you climbing with The Herd’s Climbers Gambit series.


Hi Chris
Thanks for feeding the hamster & getting him to do some work.
They look correct now.

Thanks to Adrian as well for his support.

Kind regards