Help Setup for Zwift

(Klaus Kirchfeld ZRG ) #1

ATM I am riding on an IC5 lifefitnessbike with ant+ dongle, great bike but not automated with the zwift workouts.
Plan is to buy a cheap good alu bike frame with all accessoires you need for good zwifting.
I want to combine the bike frame with a wahoo kickr 2018 and climb.
Can you help me which frame, and accessoires do I need?



(Cameron Mc Cullough) #2

Why not use the bike you use outside? I’m up in Canada so this makes sense to me because it snows here. I clean my bike in the fall and pull it inside for the trainer. That is the benefit of a trainer, the bike in the summer has the same feeling as winter. If you can’t buy something similar

(Klaus Kirchfeld ZRG ) #3

Dear Cameron,

I joined in august zwift coming from the soccer front. I do no have my own outdoor bike I just have that indoor one. What I need is a real recommandation for a setup around the wahoo climb and kickr2018.
Meanwhile I know thats best to have an electric gear shifting and and and