Help connecting Forerunner to Zwift

Hi. Newbie question: I have been trying unsuccessfully to connect my Forerunner 935 to Zwift on my pc, but despite the PC bluetooth settings being able to find the watch, I can’t get Zwift’s paired devices page to find it at all. I have tried installing the ZC app on my phone, but that doesn’t help with finding devices. All suggestions gratefully received.

The Garmin broadcasts HR in ANT+, it only uses Bluetooth to link to a phone. You would either need to get an ANT+ dongle in your PC or use something to bridge the signal (like CABLE or a 4iiii HRM).

There is also this link that could help you: How to - use Garmin watch (forerunner 645) and broadcast heart rate data to Zwift

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Thank you Paul, that’s helpful.

The error message comes up saying it’s looking for bluetooth devices, which should be my forerunner. It’s not so much the HR I was trying to find, but the normal connection forerunner to zwift.

However, I’ve found my ANT dongle and plugged it into the PC but the garmin still isn’t being found on the search. Do I need to do something else for it to find the device?

You can ONLY broadcast your HR from the Garmin to Zwift, you cannot really connect the forrunner to Zwift in any other way.

Why are you trying to connect your Garmin Forrunner to Zwift?

Ah ok. I’m trying to use Zwift on an old treadmill which has nothing techy about it so don’t know how to use zwift for running if I can’t connect the garmin. What am I missing?

You can use a Garmin foot pod, a Stryd foot pod or a Zwift Pod.

Another option is a Wahoo Tickr Run.

I have a garmin foot pod and it’s connected to my forerunner.

OK, then after you wake up the Garmin Foot pod Zwift should find it on your PC (assuming that is what you are using).

Make sure your PC is recognizing the ANT+ dongle (and yes, it needs to be ANT+ and not to old ANT).

Right, I may be going backwards here but now I can’t get the forerunner to find the footpod, although it did pair to it earlier.

Both ANT dongles I have may not be ANT+, I’m assuming it would come up as ANT+ in the pc settings rather than ANT? I thought the newer one was ANT + but I may be wrong.

If it came with the 935 it should be ANT+, all dongles I believe in the last 5 years are ANT+

Could be a battery issue.

It didn’t come with the 935 but would have been within the last 5 years.

I’ve replaced the battery in the footpod today.

Very grateful for your advice and help, but I’m running out of patience with this now & need to get a run under my belt for today. Very frustrating.

Wow, by hook or by crook Zwift has just found my footpod! I’m off to see if I can actually use this now, Thank you so much for your time.

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Good to hear.

Run On!

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Frustrated Newbie here and you guys are knowledgable. I’ve already done a bunch of searches with no clear answer. Why isn’t it possible to broadcast the run cadence from the Garmin 935 using a CABLE bridge? I’ve got my heart rate transmitting now using a NPE CABLE bridge but just don’t understand why the cadence won’t show up. I can track mileage while using the treadmill activity, even if it is slightly off. Why wouldn’t that also transmit to Zwift? Do I really need to invest in a footpod?

The Garmin 935 ONLY broadcast HR in real-time that can be used by apps like Zwift.

Yes, to track cadence you would need a footpod.


Ugh. Thank you for letting me know that. Is it better to get a heart rate strap that does cadence and HR over bluetooth and return the CABLE or should I keep the CABLE and buy a footpod?

New to Zwift done a couple of rides and I cannot get my 735xt (Garmin) watch to CONNECT to Zwift to show my HR.

I tried broadcasting but my Mac doesn’t seem to pick the watch up.

Do you have an ANT+ dongle?

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