Setup Zwiftpod for Multiple Bluetooth Receivers

I am using a Garmin Forerunner 935, Garmin HRM Run and a Zwift Footpod when running on a treadmill and using Zwift on an iPhone.

I either find if I start the Forerunner first then it pairs with the footpod and HRM, Zwift then won’t work as it can’t detect the footpod.

If I connect Zwift to the footpod then start the Garmin with the HRM run then Zwift works okay (w/o heart rate) and Garmin logs the run dynamics, heart rate but has really inaccurate distance/speed.

Is there a way I can get the Forerunner to read the speed and heart rate information and then bounce it out to Zwift? Or is it possible to get both Zwift and the Forerunner to listen to the pod and HRM sensor output without monopolising it?

I thought I could put the HRM and footpod direct into Zwift and then synchronise into Garmin Connect after but then I lose the Garmin run dynamics and other features the Forerunner provides.

The Zwift Pod is Bluetooth and Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time. If you want to connect a foot pod to multiple receivers you would have to use an ANT+ one like Stryd or Garmin.


Thanks Paul, assume that does mean then that the HRM Run which is Ant+ should be able to talk to Zwift and the Forerunner at the same time?

Yes, ANT+ can connect to multiple devices.

Hi Richard…I’ve been looking at reviews to see which Footpod should I buy now that I will use Zwift not only for riding, but for running. I use Garmin 935 and Zwift through my IPad at the end which Footpod worked for you; I still don’t know which will pair to both (Garmin and Zwift iPad). Thanks and saludos

A footpod on each foot? :grinning:

Or Stryd and use ANT+.

I’ve settled on using the Zwiftpod sync’d with the Zwift app on my phone to allow me to participate in Zwift. Zwift I don’t have connected to anything else.

I then use the Forerunner 935 in treadmill mode with the HRM paired with that, this then feeds into Garmin Connect and Strava with the heart rate data to feed into the fitness calculation on those platforms. A lot of times the Forerunner gives a near enough accurate distance - sometimes when I’m doing intervals it massively overestimates distance and I have to use the “Calibrate and Save” option to set the distance to match the treadmill.

I am tempted by a Stryd pod longer term but the price is a bit too rich for me at the moment.

Thanks for your response. But when you sync to Strava, which one prevails? With my ride, I only sync Zwift to Strava, and my Garmin I just dismiss my ride.

Thanks again. Saludos