Help - confused and new!


I have a classic Schwinn World Sport. I want to purchase a DD Trainer for it.

I’m looking at the Tacx Flux 2 and Flux S as they come with the cassette attached (correct me if I’m wrong) as they’re available at a local bike store.

My bike is a 12 speed, I believe, and both Tacx’s say suitable for 8-11 speed, so would I not be able to hook up my bike to this setup?

Also, what else would be needed? Nothing is clear online about this. I’m now confused as to whether it would fit based on ‘suitable axles’ of 130 for rear forks.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, I’m new and all of this is confusing me!

When you say your bike is a 12 speed are you saying there are 12 gears on the rear wheel or is there 6 on back and 2 up front (2x6) ?

The rear wheel has 6, and the front has 2. I was told to multiply front and back together, my bad!

The DD trainers I’m looking at come with the cassette on the DD trainer, so I’m wondering if my bike could fit?

You could probably make it work.
Your current shifters only allow you to shift 6 gears so you wouldn’t be able to use all the gear on the trainer but that is not a big deal with a smart trainer because you don’t shift so much.
You could put an 8 speed cassette on the trainer and that would be very close.
The gear spacing between an 6 and 8 speed are close and if your bike uses friction shifter , it works fine.
8 and 6 speed cassettes use the same chain.

Thank you Tim.

How can I be sure my bike frame rear fork is a ‘suitable’ axle? It says 130, but I’m not too sure what the Schwinn World Sport size is.

I like seeing people breath new life into old frames that would sit and rust.
My trainer is a combination of a Schwinn World tour and mountain bike that was set out in the trash.
The Schwinn had no rust and looked like it was hardly ever ridden.
Now it’s a flat bar road bike with bar ends and stripped brakes.

It’s probably 126.
You can measure by removing the wheel an measuring between the drop outs.
If a magnet sticks to you bike (steel frame) then you can spread the drop outs apart.
See you tube for directions.
I did this to my trainer bike.
If you do so, the old wheel won’t fit anymore.
Are you planning on this being a permanent trainer bike?

Hi Tim,

So you’re saying the World Sport frame would fit onto the direct drive trainer? Also, I think the DD doesn’t come with a cassette after all, I called and checked.

My rear wheel cassette is a 6 speed 14-28t. I’m assuming I can only fit an 8 speed cassette as a minimum size onto the direct trainer. What would be the recommendation in this situation?

Your old wheel probably has a freewheel and not a cassette.
A free wheel won’t fit on the trainer so you will need to buy a cassette for it.
Are the shifters indexed or friction.

Hi there - I’m planning to do the exact same set up as above (World Schwinn Sport) with currently 2x6 gears for a permanent trainer set up.I should double-check the axle width, and an 8-speed cassette should be compatible with my friction shifters? Thank you in advance!

There’s a lot of moving parts in your question.
Some of the confusion may be vocabulary.
If you have the old wheel set from the Schwinn, it’s width is probably 126 mm and it probably uses a freewheel and not a cassette.
I didn’t see what trainer you plan to use and is it wheel on or off.

What ever wheel set or direct drive trainer you use, you will probably have to spread the frame to either 130 mm or possibly 135 mm depending on the trainer or wheel you plan to use.

Friction shifters should work ok.

Hi Tim, thank you for the quick response. I’ll be using a tacx flux s (direct drive) - I’ve since gotten all the (right) parts together and hope to set this up over the weekend. Yes, I’ll have to spread that steel frame, and hope the cassette will fit and match the chain. I’ll report back - thank you!