Heart Rate Spikes

Hello all, not Zwift specific but rather a general heart rate monitoring question. My heart seems to spike when I sit up to take a drink or stretch my back… anyone know the technical explanation for this? My heart rate chest strap stays in contact with me the whole time. HR can go up 10-15 BPM and reverts back once I’m back on the bars.

Hi Chris, this happens when the heart rate monitor is not fixed firmly enough and slips due to movement. At some point, all devices start to display incorrect values or no values at all and tend to lose the connection, which can be recognized by the fluctuating values. No device has ever worked for me for longer than 1 year, no matter how expensive it was.

i think that’s normal and not necessarily related to accuracy or technology. sitting up and taking your hands off the bars engages a bunch of core muscles, then you have to stop breathing for a second to actually take the drink, unless you have gills, which you might. i’m not in the business of assuming anything about anybody, but the point is all of those things will change your heartrate

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If the heart rate monitor is correctly positioned and working, there are no spikes.

My HR goes up briefly every time I drink. The HRM does not move. I suspect this is not the same for everyone.

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sorry, was replying to the OP. i always have mine on fairly tight, you have to if it’s an optical HRM. not sure about chest straps since they work differently, but i never wore those loose either

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Thank you, this is the most helpful reply I got :slightly_smiling_face: