Heart Rate not recorded in IOS Activity

I am using Zwift on my MacBook Pro, and all my devices are connected via the Zwift ANT+ dongle. I run the Companion on my iPhone.

  • Wahoo Kickr Core
  • Garmin heart rate strap
  • Garmin cadence sensor

When I finish a ride, Zwift uploads to Strava. In IOS Activity, there is a Zwift Companion Indoor Cycle workout recorded. It knows a few metrics, but doesn’t show my heart rate.

I am pretty sure that I used to see my heart rate in IOS Activity. What do I need to change to allow this?

Here is my last activity. Is your Heart rate missing from the information at the top (circled)?

Or is it just that the HR is missing from the graph, if so then tap “heart rate” (circled) and that should toggled the graph of HR on.

If that didn’t do it log in to my.zwift.com, look at the activity there and let us know if HR is there or not.

Zwift uploaded my ride to Strava, and my heart rate is there:

I don’t see my heart rate in Zwift companion, but I saw it while riding, and that’s the only way it got to Strava:

Here’s IOS Activity: no heart rate

In your zwift companion app, swipe your thumb across the map from right to left, this will reveal another page of information. The little dots at the bottom of the map indicate there are multiple pages.

I thought your original question was about the companion app (iOS is the Apple operating system for i devices) but I don’t recognise the app of your second picture, I didn’t realise iOS activity was its own app. I can’t even download that app as my phone is too old.

What happens when you click the i next to the chart unavailable message?