heart rate monitor signal



I have some problems with the sync of my heart rate monitor (garmin). It displays correctly the bpm, but, suddenly, signal is lost.


I have the monitor paired with my gps too (garmin 25) and i can see the bpm correctly displayed there


Is this a problem of compatibility? Any idea on how to solve it?


Hi Javier,

Without knowing more about which specific heart rate monitor you’re using, it may be difficult to help you. I suggest that you submit a support ticket and provide as much information as possible. 

Zwift can make use of your heart rate monitor if it broadcasts an ANT+ signal, or if it is capable of connecting over bluetooth. 

Additionally, you may find some helpful information in the knowledge base support articles, as well. 

Ride On!

I have a Elite Drivo trainer transmitting Bluetooth via a Apple Air 2 IPad and am having no success with the Zwift home page finding my heart rate moniter ( garmin ant + 2.4 ha ). It has np finding the trainer.   Any ideas. Thanks 

Garmin is Ant+ only and from what you are saying is that you are using Bluetooth. You would need an Ant+ dongle or a lightning to 30 pin adapter and use the Wahoo Ant+ key.