Heart Rate Monitor issues

My setup: i7 PC games machine with SSD, GeforeGTX 650 IT graphics card, USB 3.0, 5G wifi

I have a MAGENE H64 Bluetooth Ant+ Heart Rate monitor.

It keeps hanging on the same amount of bpm when starting a race or when sat in pens.

I go back into pairing and then unpair and repair and its ok for a few seconds then hangs again.

But usually after a few rejoins it settles and i can do a whole race without the issue.

The only thing i can see in zwift log is 6 or 7 big orange network disconects lines in the first 4 or 5 mins of session, could this be causing it?

I purchased this MAGENE te replace a Garmin Ant+ that kept disconnecting and would not reconnect even after a reboot.

Really had enough of wifi issues, why the ■■■■ can’t we just connect cables to these things, its not like we are actually out on roads!

Thanks in advance

Whilst you can economise on certain things sometimes you get what you pay for.

I use a Garmin HR which ones I start sweating is faultless but at the start of a ride will report odd numbers.

On the flip side I have an unbranded arm based HR which cost around 12 English pounds which is absolutely immense, works from the off and when compared to the results of both my Garmin strap and also my Garmin watch is almost identical.

You’re meant to make the Garmin sensors wet before wearing.

Try ant+ - so much more stable than Bluetooth.

I have an issue with corrosion on the terminals of my chest strap style HRM and I have to clean them up with very fine sand paper roughly every other use.
One of the terminals has a copper tint that I assume is rust because it comes off and the terminal appears more silver.
When new, they were both silver.

I should just buy a new one but this works for now.

Magene are cheap but decent. If had a few of their products and the quality is fine.

Are you able to connect the sensor via ant+ to a bike computer as well as via Bluetooth to your PC? See if it displays the same figure as zwift, that will show you if the issue is the sensor or zwift connection

good idea, i will try that with my Garmin edge.

I always make the HRM wet before use and I also wet the area of my chest, I really don’t sweat that much so wondering if it is this as works well for rest of race. I have just ordered some HRM gel to see if this helps

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