Heart Rate Monitor dropouts since update (Bluetooth/Garmin HR)

Same Problem here with HRM Dual. Wasnt there when I started Zwifting in 2019.
Sometimes it is so bad that I have to disconnect and reconnect the sensor manually in Zwift. The recording with my also connected Fenix 6 pro is perfect and also if I connect my Phone via Bluetooth with the Strap. Definitely seems to be Zwifts fault.

I’ve been having the exact same issue today. My Wahoo Tickr HRM. It seems to drop every 5 seconds.

I thought it was just my Wahoo Tickr, but when I increase my HR (pedaling faster, increasing resistance) the indicated HR will actually decrease–it’s like it is reporting the inverse of what it should be.

today I switched back to using ant+ and no issues

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Hi there. I have the same issue with the Polar OH1. 50+ drop outs in a 20 minute ride! I’m using Apple TV so ANT+ isn’t an option. I removed all other Bluetooth devices and it still keeps happening.
The dropouts aren’t recorded on my Garmin Edge, only on Zwift. It’s so frustrating!

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I’m getting this issue with both Bluetooth and Ant+ connections. It’s 100% a zwift problem as it happens in multiple devices that I can run zwift on. My main pc also picks up the heart rate fine when I run GTA bike V. My Garmin also picks up the strap fine. So there is no issue with the hardware or interference as it runs perfectly on everything but zwift.

I have to connect and reconnect the strap multiple times to finally get it to show a signal, then it will drop out within 5 minutes of me starting a ride. I mostly have zero heart rate with a reading coming in every 4-5 minutes and lasting for about 30 seconds. The reading that does come in is also incorrect.

Will this be fixed?

Just to add. I’m on pc. Latest version of zwift. All drivers up to date. Heart rate strap is wahoo tickr. Trainer is wahoo kickr core which connects fine.


I bought an Ant+ dongle. Connect HRM Dual via Ant+, problem gone now.

It still drops out when using Bluetooth. That’s not solved.

I’m having this problem too, heart rate drops to 60 approx and eventually drops out. It’s happened twice at the 35 minute point and once at 45 minutes so it can’t be batteries!!

Exactly the same issue. Is yours working now?

As mentioned somewhere else above, I bought an ANT+ stick and paired my garmin heart rate sensor with that. After disabling certain WiFi signals (you will certainly find how-to’s somewhere else) it works perfectly fine.

So it’s no real fix, more like a work-around.

I keep seeing people commenting with “I have the same problem”, while they describe a completely different problem. I believe there are different issues out there, while mine is just some software issue (at least between Zwift and Garmin Dual Heart Rate sensor connected via Bluetooth).

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Using Ant+ makes no difference to me. The ant+ dongle is on a USB extender and sits as close to me as possible without me feeding it up to the handlebars. It’s 1.5 metres away at most.

Anyone know what is going on? Anyone from Zwift see these issues?

I’m not sure what else to do now other than just live with spotty heart rate data.

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Hi Emma, did you get a fix for this? Been using an OH1 for 6 months, have tried it on different arms and places and I get drop outs also, finding it really frustrating! I’m connected via a pc and ANT+ usb dongle and its located less than a meter away, seems silly that it keeps dropping off! If you have resolved would love to hear from you :+1::raised_hands:

Hi Kenny

It is so annoying isn’t it?!! The only fix I’ve found is the “switch it off and on again” technique. So I get everything connected, then during the workout if I spot the HR dropping out, I have to switch the HRM off and on again. That seems to fix it. It doesn’t happen every time and I’ve never got to the bottom of what causes it. Sorry to not be of more help. What a pain!!


No probs Emma, thanks for getting back so quick!:ok_hand: I’m just looking at Polar and see there was a firmware update to the HR sensor, to 3.1.1 mine is still on 2.1.20, so trying to update it now, that may help!?

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I have something similar since I started connecting via my pc. It is reading my heartbeat as the full data is present on Today’s Plan and Garmin Connect but not showing on Zwift. It is annoying, especially when training to HR zones.

Ok, ‘Think’ I’ve fount the fix for the drop outs I’ve been experiencing, basically connect the Polar to your watch and phone only!, the phone I use for the ‘companion app’, normally my polar HR is linked to the ANT+ dongle in PC, as soon as I blue toothed to my phone, (Iphone 11), I also have an Android galaxy phone which I will be testing next session. I could put the HRM on either arm and not experience a single drop out! very pleased with this as been buggin for sometime! hope this helps some of you folk with this issue!

After many years of no problems mine HR drops connection every 30 seconds.